Q: Is the GRE required if applying to the master’s degree option?

A: Yes, the GRE is required by the MEDEX Northwest and UW Graduate School. GRE scores must be within the last 5 years and scores older than 5 years are no longer available through the testing agency.

Q: What is the minimum score required for the GRE?

A: MEDEX has not placed a minimum required score on the GRE for this application cycle. We encourage applicants to prepare to score well on the exam.

Q: Where do I send my GRE scores?

A: MEDEX requires that the GRE scores be entered into the CASPA application. Official scores must be sent to CASPA for verification using the code 0548.

Q: I have not taken the test yet. Can I still submit the CASPA application without these scores?

A: No, GRE scores must be self-reported on the CASPA application. Applicants must have scores available to enter prior to submitting the application. Be sure to send official GRE scores directly to CASPA using the code 0548.

Q: When do I need to send my GRE scores to the University of Washington?

A. Applicants who are accepted to the MEDEX program will be asked to send an additional official copy of the GRE scores directly to the University of Washington using the institution code 4854.

Q: I already have a master’s degree, do I still need to take (or re-take) the GRE?

A: No, The GRE will not be required for applicants with a prior master’s degree earned at a regionally accredited institution.