MEDEX Northwest began in the late 1960s and has a long history of training former military medics and corpsmen to become PAs. The first five MEDEX classes were all military veterans who were placed in rural communities after a period of classroom instruction. We are proud of our heritage and will continue to provide access to training for military veterans interested in becoming PAs.

The percentage of military veteran applicants accepted to MEDEX in any given year is around 20% to 30%, well above the national average for PA programs.

Q: Does my military training count for A&P?

Military training credits can satisfy at least part of the Anatomy and Physiology requirement for either degree option. Typically, 100 hours of training in A&P satisfies this entire requirement, but we will need to evaluate your military transcripts to determine what training can be considered.

The Joint Services Transcript (JST) has centralized the process of obtaining military transcripts for all services except Air Force (please consult CCAF for Air Force transcripts).  For fast and efficient transcript processing please request that your military transcripts be sent directly to MEDEX Northwest.

Q: What additional documentation is required to complete my application?

All applicants with prior military experience are required to complete the Military section of the MEDEX Supplemental Application. All former service members are required to submit the DD214 to complete the Supplemental Application. Current Active Duty service members and those in the National Guard and Reserves are also required to complete the military section of the Supplemental Application. To request copies of your DD214 and other proof of service documents please visit the Veterans Service Records web site.

Q: How can I acquire my DD214 or SF180 to submit with my application?

The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) provides an online records request system.  Both the DD214 and SF180 forms are available through this site.

Q: Does the University of Washington provide support to veterans?

The University of Washington has a long history of educating and supporting veterans and provides academic benefits counseling, academic and career counseling, and wellness counseling. To access information regarding services provided by the UW please visit the UW Veterans Center web site.