Applicants who have attended any portion of medical school or any doctoral level professional training, in the United States or any other country, are also required to complete the IMG section of the Supplemental Application. Doctoral level professional training includes degrees in chiropractic medicine, osteopathic medicine, etc.

Q: How do I provide my academic transcripts from my medical school or professional training program?

A. MEDEX requires that a complete academic history be entered into the CASPA application. All undergraduate coursework, US medical school, and doctoral level training program course information must be entered in the CASPA application. All original transcripts must be submitted to CASPA for verification.

Q: I completed internship or residency through my professional training program; will that count toward the clinical prerequisite?

A. No, MEDEX does not consider internship or residency hours for meeting the clinical prerequisite since those hours are completed as part of an applicant’s training. Please see the Clinical Experience Prerequisite page and FAQ page for more details about the paid clinical requirement.

Q: Do I need to complete the entire program?

A. Yes, all students accepted to MEDEX (including IMGs) must complete all courses offered by MEDEX Northwest, regardless of their prior degree status in order to graduate from our program.

Q: Will I be eligible for advanced standing given my academic and professional background?

A. No. MEDEX Northwest does not offer advanced standing to any student regardless of their prior degree status in order to graduate from the program.