Program Prerequisites

MEDEX continues to focus on educating experienced health personnel from diverse backgrounds.

Academic prerequisite overview:

  • MEDEX Northwest prerequisites must be completed with a B- or better (per course) prior to the October 1st application deadline to qualify.
  • It is strongly recommended that the prerequisite basic science and human anatomy & physiology courses be completed within the last five (5) to seven (7) years.
  • Each prerequisite course must be taken as a “stand-alone” course, separate from other prior certificate training programs.
  • Courses must be taken at any regionally accredited community college or university for a letter grade or grade on a 4.0 scale. Before registering for courses, applicants should check the accreditation status of the institution(s) (both online and local) here: Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Clinical prerequisite overview:

  • In addition to the academic requirements, all applicants, regardless of the degree option they are applying to, must meet the minimum 4000-hour paid, direct, hands-on clinical patient care prerequisites.
  • Competitive MEDEX candidates have more than the minimum 4000 hours (averaging a total of 6.5 years) of paid experience, usually in a primary care or emergency care setting.
  • When considering a position in health care remember that the clinical experience that MEDEX is looking for is broad-based with diversity in the direct delivery of patient care.

Detailed Information

For detailed clinical prerequisite and degree prerequisite information, review the information below.

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