MEDEX students must be admitted into the bachelor’s option during the time of their physician assistant training in order for their MEDEX coursework to be considered as matriculated credits. MEDEX students in the bachelor’s option must satisfy University of Washington graduation requirements before being awarded the Bachelor of Clinical Health Services degree. There is little time to take non-MEDEX courses within the two year PA program, so applicants may wish to work on satisfying some of these requirements before they are accepted by MEDEX. The summer between the MEDEX didactic and clinical year is also available to take some traditional courses that might be needed to meet general education graduation requirements.

Advice about whether previous courses will satisfy graduation requirements is difficult to assess until you have actually been accepted and your transfer credits are evaluated by the UW. The UW has a transfer guide reference with course equivalencies for Washington State Community Colleges here.

The following worksheet may give you some guidance in deciding whether your transfer courses will satisfy general distribution and proficiency requirements for the BCHS degree. Fifth-year students (those earning a second bachelor’s degree) do not need to meet proficiency requirements.

General Education Requirements for UW BCHS

1. Proficiency

Credits Req. Completed
English Composition (5) 5
Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (4-5)
examples: math, statistics, chemistry

2. Areas of Knowledge

A minimum of 40 credits; at least 10 credits in each category; no more than 15 in any one area will count toward distribution requirements.

Natural World (Sciences) (10-15)examples: anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry microbiology 10-15
Visual, Literary and Performing Arts (10-15)
examples: art, music, literature, humanities
Individuals and Societies (10-15)
examples: psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics

3. Upper Division Courses – MEDEX Major: 141 credits

4. Upper Division Courses – NON MAJOR: 12 credits

The MEDEX summer quarter A & P and Basic Science or any other upper division coursework will satisfy this requirement.

More Information

Looking for more information about what may or may not transfer to the University of Washington? Visit the UW Undergraduate Advising Center  for details on the required Areas of Knowledge listed above.