CORE REQUIREMENTS for admission into UW degree option:

These UW admission requirements must be completed satisfactorily before the first quarter of enrollment at the UW.

Almost all applicants will have satisfied these requirements through high school coursework, which is generally defined as that completed in grades 9-12. There are, however, several ways to satisfy core requirements at the college level. In general, five (5) quarter credits (or three semester credits) at the college level equals one year of high school study. If you completed a portion of the core requirements in high school, you can supplement high school courses with college coursework.

Subject High School Years Required College Quarter Credits College Semester Credits
English 4 years 20 12
Mathematics* 3 years 15 9
Social Science 3 years 15 9
Foreign language 2 years 10 6
Science 2 years 10 6
Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts .5 years 2.5 1.5
Academic Electives .5 years 2.5 1.5

* Please note that a qualifying course in intermediate algebra in either high school or college is required for UW admission.

UW Admissions requirements are detailed on the UW web site here.

Questions about whether you meet UW admissions requirements should be referred to the UW admissions office: (206) 543-9686 or

UW Admissions Transfer Credit Policies are detailed on the UW web site here.