Admissions Requirements for the University of Alaska Anchorage Bachelor of Science Degree

UAA Admissions:

Students admitted as pre-majors at the University of Alaska Anchorage must contact an advisor in the Health Sciences Department at UAA and plan their academic schedule carefully in order to satisfy both the UAA BSHS admission and degree requirements and the MEDEX admission and program requirements. For more information about UAA’s BSHS degree option please visit the UAA website for more information.

UAA Degree Requirement Checklist:

Written Communication Skills (6) Credits Req. Completed
ENGL 111 3
ENGL 212 3
Natural Sciences (17) (Mx prereq. 5 courses)
BIOL 111 4
BIOL 112 4
BIOL 102 and 240 and CHEM 103 9
Quantitative Skills (3)
MATH 107 or STAT 252 3
Oral Communication Skills (3)
COMM 111, 235, 237 or 241 3
Fine Arts (3)
(select from UAA catalog) 3
Humanities (6)
(select from UAA catalog) 3
(select from UAA catalog) 3
Social Sciences (6)
PSY 111 or 150 3
(select from UAA catalog) 3

Also required for the MEDEX BSHS degree:

HS A490 Selected Topics: Health Care Issues in Alaska (1-6) 3 credits total required.

UAA BS Degree Graduation Requirements:

This bachelor’s degree option is available only to students enrolled at the Anchorage training site who also meet the UAA admissions requirements as noted above.

UAA BS degree graduation requirements include completion of courses listed in the UAA admissions requirements plus the completion of the MEDEX Northwest PA educational program.