Class 19 MEDEX 1987


Class 19, Seattle
9/85 – 3/20/87

Front Row, left to right: Scott Thomason, Pat Hensch, Nanette Laufik, Eileen Andrew, Shirley Daniels
Second Row, left to right: Barbara Newby, Terry Tuszynski, Margaret Henderson, Pam Lindgren, Daniel Delp
Third Row, left to right: H.J. “Buzz” Meisel, Jim Sutton, Chris Ady Delmendo, Pat Swartwood
Fourth Row, left to right: Linda MacDicken, Barbara Romero, Anne Hall, Debra Newby
Top Row, left to right: Don Flascher, Jon Lowe, Krishna Gurung, Clark Adams, Larry Rick
Not Pictured: Mitchell Scott

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