Class 23 MEDEX 1991a


Class 23, Seattle
9/89 – 8/23/91

Front Row, left to right: Pidge Nechak, Dona Jean Ahrens, Kenneth Netzel, Tara Moss, Martha Flores, Gaye Bloxom Haden, Lynne S Newhouse, Rosemary Ahtuangaruak
Second Row, left to right: Donald Cripps, Phillipe Louis-Jacques, Shannon Martin, Kathleen Wadland, Leon Koenck, Bobby Bounkeua, Terry Glickman, Kevin S Lewis
Third Row, left to right: Teresa Ann Unkrur, Melissa Schreiber, Kevin Vaughn, Sue Donald Demontiney, G.R. Bossert, Michael A Zinser, Michelle Boroski, Larry Conover, unidentified
Top Row, left to right: W Gay Petro, Paul T Bowman, Graham Barr, Larry F Sheldon, Tammy Morris, Stephen R Richardson
Not Pictured: Mahmood Kakar, Monte Ritter, Vickie Volman

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