Class 24 MEDEX 1992


Class 24, Seattle
9/90 – 6/13/92

Front Row, left to right: Wayne Sizemore, Amy Jermann, Beth Harper Hom, Beverly McNeil,
Second Row, left to right: Patrick Davidson, Bob Senning, Sherry Franks, Chrys Brooks, Marilyn Atlla
Third Row, left to right: Helen Hancken, Patrick Barnes, Sherry Franks, Ronald Overmeyer, Marilyn Wyse
Fourth Row, left to right: Greg Bourdon, Sherrie Shiota, Lance Hughes, Anthony Kelly, Matilda Bogdanski, Anthony Meador, Digby Kirby, James McInally, Thomas White
Top Row, left to right: Michael Flamoe, Dana Golden, Paul Zakar, Marty Semerad, Julie Zale, Jeffrey Phillips

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