Class 26 MEDEX 1994


Class 26, Seattle
9/92 – 8/24/94

Front Row, left to right: Marcia Acaveda, Jennifer Utter, Arlene Larkin Hartley Laura Ann DellaBna, Wen-Yee Shaw (deceased), Thomas Ira Hughes, Barbara A Shear
Second Row, left to right: Susan Bohnemann, Kathleen M Ewen, William J Quinn, Robert C Trotter, Susan Rivard-DiBenedetto, Paula Togawa, Todd A Radivan, Margie Smith
Third Row, left to right: Priscilla Delaine Schaffer, Jesus M Rosas-Moreno, Alaine Nijenhuis, William G Leaming, Tracy Trang Minh Tran, Regina Pedersen, Robert Douglas Bliesath
Fourth Row, left to right: Anthony Meador, Laurie Brown Benton, Alphonzo H Flying Cloud Jr, Paige Allison Daniels, Jeffrey Fesler
Top Row, left to right: Michael Christian Merrill (deceased), Karl Michael Forch, Robert E Cheesman, William R Weiss, Michael S Patterson, Colleen Stansbury, David P Clauw
Not Pictured: Mary Ditkoff, Vern McCready

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