Homelessness is a persistent and complex national problem.

In January 2015, over half a million Americans were homeless on any given night.
  • 206,286 were living in families
  • 358,422 were single adults, including young adults aging out of foster care and older veterans.
These numbers are driven by a lack of affordable housing in a boom and bust economy. Seattle has been particularly hard hit. 2016 has seen a 19% increase in unsheltered homelessness. Many now live in groups of 60 to 100 called Tent Cities.
photo of Tent City

In December of 2016 Tent City 3 will take up occupancy on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle.

The group is a democratically organized, self-managed community that operates with a strict code of conduct requiring sobriety, nonviolence, cooperation and participation. Tent City 3 relocates every 90 days to church or public lands.
During the three months of early 2017 that Tent City 3 resides on the UW campus, the group has agreed to participate in health outreach efforts by students from the six different Health Science departments at the University. These include:
  • UW School of Medicine—MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant training program
  • UW School of Dentistry
  • UW School of Public Health
  • UW School of Social Work
  • UW School of Pharmacy
  • UW Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
  • UW School of Nursing
Experienced providers and individuals who have experienced homelessness will engage students with real-life social justice issues such as racism, mass incarceration, housing, socio-economics and its impacts. We will also examine how the healthcare system responds and doesn’t respond.