Photo of Charlotte Sanders

Charlotte Sanders, MSW

Teaching Associate, UW School of Social Work
Co-chair of MEDEX Course 580

Sanders has been involved in social services for more than 22 years, primarily serving Seattle youth and young adults in different homeless service settings and capacities, ranging from direct service, program management and advocacy. She worked with Neighborcare Health’s Homeless Youth Clinic as the youth clinic manager and onsite social worker.

Photo of Lois Thetford

Lois Thetford

Didactic Faculty, MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Training Program
Co-chair of MEDEX Course 580
For over 25 years Lois has worked with the homeless along with battered women and children. She has found that positive input from a medical provider can change the patient’s experience in those challenging life moments. Lois is a founder of the 45th Street Clinic in Seattle. She teaches the Maternal and Child Health course at MEDEX.