Photo of Charlotte Sanders

Charlotte Sanders, MSW

Teaching Associate, UW School of Social Work
Co-chair of MEDEX Course 580

Sanders has been involved in social services for more than 22 years, primarily serving Seattle youth and young adults in different homeless service settings and capacities, ranging from direct service, program management and advocacy. She worked with Neighborcare Health’s Homeless Youth Clinic as the youth clinic manager and onsite social worker.

Photo of Lois Thetford

Lois Thetford

Didactic Faculty, MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Training Program
Co-chair of MEDEX Course 580
For over 25 years Lois has worked with the homeless along with battered women and children. She has found that positive input from a medical provider can change the patient’s experience in those challenging life moments. Lois is a founder of the 45th Street Clinic in Seattle. She teaches the Maternal and Child Health course at MEDEX.

Photo of Nancy Amidei

Nancy Amidei, MSW

Senior Lecturer Emeritus, UW School of Social Work
Amidei has been called “a relentless advocate for changing public policy to better serve the most vulnerable populations.” Prior to joining the UW faculty, she served in various government positions affecting health and welfare. She translated this policy expertise into a range of activities to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in Washington State, including the U District-University Partnership for Youth, an initiative for homeless youth.

Photo of Bea Gandara

Beatrice Gandara, DDS

Clinical Associate Professor, Oral Medicine, UW School of Dentistry

Dr. Gandara teaches undergraduate dental students, and is Director of the Emergency Clinic at the UW School of Dentistry. Her patient care responsibilities include oral medicine, urgent care and geriatric dentistry. She oversees several community outreach projects including a free dental clinic in Mount Vernon, dental services at Union Gospel Mission, Mary’s Place, Casa Latina, the Husky Smiles program for children.

Photo of Melinda Hasegawa

Melinda Hasegawa, MEd, DMHP

King County Dept. of Community Health Services; Behavioral Health & Recovery Division

A Seattle native, Hasegawa began her work in 1984 in trauma services at Seattle Rape Relief. She has worked with people chronic mental illness, disabilities and homelessness. Hasegawa’s focus is trauma informed care with either short or long term impacts.

Photo of Janelle Jolly

Janelle Jolly, UW Graduate

Writer and Motivational Speaker & former Television News Anchor

Janelle is passionate about her calling to use her talents and personal story to advocate for and impact the lives of women and children in particular.  From a life of abundance she was forced into lack by a long and taxing divorce that ultimately left her homeless.  She shares the resolve, peace, strength and faith that give her a voice for impact.

Photo of Ken Kraybill

Ken Kraybill, MSW

Director of Training, Center for Social Innovation

Kraybill has been working as a social worker in the areas of health, behavioral health and homelessness for the past 28 years. Drawing upon 18 years of direct service and advocacy experience in homeless settings, Kraybill has developed curricula, resource guides and workshops to inform and equip others in the filed. Kraybill lives in Seattle, and is Director of Training for the Center for Social Innovation in Needham, MA.

Photo of Eric Seitz

Eric Seitz, RN

Registered Nurse

Formerly homeless and a drug addict, Seitz recovered and pursued a medical career at UW School of Nursing. Seitz received a public health degree before graduating as class president in 2015. His background as a homeless youth and former drug user drives him to give back to those communities. Working in outreach with people that are still using helps him stay away from drugs. “His heart is with people who are struggling with different kinds of adversities,” Josephine Ensign, an Associate Professor in the University of Washington School of Nursing.