Bachelor of Clinical Health Services

Degree changes are coming to MEDEX in the upcoming 2017/18 application cycle. Applicants are encouraged to review these changes as they prepare to apply.

Applicants for a bachelor’s degree must apply for the didactic year of training in Tacoma, WA, or Anchorage, AK.  Students attending the first didactic year in any one of these sites may still have their clinical year arranged in potential training sites located throughout the five-state service region (WWAMI).

Applicants interested in earning a first or second bachelor’s degree must first meet the specific MEDEX academic and clinical experience prerequisites.

The only site options for certificate and bachelor’s students are the Tacoma or Anchorage classroom locations. Students will be eligible for a University of Washington Bachelor of Clinical Health Services degree if they additionally meet the UW admissions requirement for matriculation into a degree pathway. Students attending the Anchorage site can choose to earn a bachelor’s degree through either the UW or the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Program timing:

The MEDEX bachelor’s program will be a total of eight (8) quarters. All BCHS students have a break between the didactic and clinical year. The break between the first and second year is an opportune time to complete any UW-required coursework for those students who may still need to fulfill graduation requirements.