Student’s Estimated Expenses

These expenses are based on current projections and may change. Students are primarily responsible for supporting themselves during training.

Fees Per Quarter Total for Four Quarters
$3,000 x 4
Technology Fee
$41 x 4
Quarterly S&A Fee
$45-$159 x 4
Quarterly UPASS Fee
$76 x 4
UW Educational Outreach Quarterly Registration Fee
$42 (non-refundable) x 4


Other Expenses Estimated
Technology Supplies
Computer, Internet connection and software
Books and Handouts $1,000
Travel Expenses
Travel, accommodation, and meals for the required on-site two-week session during summer quarter Residencies may involve additional travel and costs.
Costs vary

Tuition Exemption Program

Students in fee-based programs, including this degree, are not eligible for the institutional tuition exemption program, institutional tuition waivers or the Undergraduate/Graduate University Grant programs, including the Husky Promise program.

Financial Aid

Please consult the MEDEX Financial Aid page to see what options are available to students in our programs.