The master’s and bachelor’s degree options each have their own tuition levels.  University fees are generally the same; bachelor’s students are enrolled for 8 quarters, and master’s students are enrolled for 9, resulting in a slight increase for the master’s program due to the additional quarter.

MEDEX tuition does not follow the general UW tuition schedule. Please contact MEDEX Admissions directly for questions about tuition for the master’s and bachelor’s programs specifically.

Tuition Forfeiture or Refund Policy Related to Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Students requesting a leave of absence for any substantial length of time should be aware they are subject to the official UW withdrawal policy for tuition forfeiture or refunds based on the UW quarter calendar (rather that the dates of the MEDEX quarters). Depending on the specific time during the UW quarter that a leave or withdrawal is requested, a student may be responsible for paying that quarter’s tuition.

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