The following entries estimate your probable expenditures during the program.  Each individual situation may vary.

Health Insurance

We strongly encourage everyone to have adequate health insurance. For now, please don’t drop your current coverage, and you might want to explore the provisions for extending your coverage under the COBRA plan designed for people who are quitting their jobs but want to maintain insurance coverage. The University of Washington offers a student insurance plan. Please review information and costs at:

Equipment and Supplies

Books and Handouts
(An additional $100 will be required for the poster presentation for the Capstone Project – MCHS only)
(Oto-ophthalmoscope, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, reflex hammer, pen light, tuning fork, clinical jacket, etc.)
Computer & Software$2,700
Smart Phone or Tablet$500
ePocrates Software$275
Patient Logging Software (second year only)$100

Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses (mostly a clinical year expense)
Students should be prepared to travel for clerkship rotations, preceptorships, and four clinical-phase on-campus weeks in Seattle, Spokane or Anchorage. Summer quarter 2014 requires students to be on the UW Seattle campus for 6 weeks.
If you are not from the Seattle area, travel and housing costs must be budgeted.