Program Expenses

Based on current projections, subject to revision.

Students have the primary responsibility to support themselves during training. Expenses of the program include the following.

Tuition and Fees

Description Cost
$8,206.81 per quarter for total of 9 quarters
One Time Only Tuition Deposit: $500
Deposit is required to hold a seat at the time of acceptance. This amount will be credited toward your first quarter tuition.
University Student Services/Technology Fee
The UW assesses quarterly student fees of $220/quarter and $41/quarter Tech fee (Tech Fee not assessed for summer quarters).
MEDEX Academic Resources Fee
UW Immunization Fee
Autumn quarter only – UW required
Required Criminal Background Check
$75 per year estimated
Universal Student U-PASS Fee
$80 per quarter

Other Expenses

Books, equipment, supplies, travel expense and insurance are described here.

A university guide to estimating living expenses is described here.