Student Enrollment

A total of 1524 candidates submitted applications for acceptance to MEDEX Northwest in 2018. Of the candidates who applied, 313 qualified candidates were interviewed, and 44% of those interviewed were accepted to begin courses in 2018.

Student Diversity

MEDEX Northwest continues the tradition of training minority students. Accepted students who self-identified as a minority in the 2018 incoming class make up 32% of the total cohort. Of that number, 24% identified as underrepresented minorities with significant increases in students identifying as African American (3.7%), Hispanic/Latino (12.5%), Native American (3.7%), and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (2.2%). 

Military Students

The percentage of students with military experience selected for the 2018 entering class is 19%.

The history of the PA profession and MEDEX Northwest began with military medics and corpsmen. To continue this tradition of providing PA education to military medical personnel, MEDEX is committed to creating opportunities, to participating in outreach activities with a focus on building a strong military applicant pool, and to providing PA training to current and former military members.

Regional Connection

MEDEX is a regional program committed to training students from Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI).  The percentage of students accepted in 2018 from the WWAMI region is 84%.  Students accepted from Washington and Alaska make up the largest percentage at 69%, with students from Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho accounting for 15% –  an increase in the number of accepted students from these states. Students accepted from outside the region make up 26% of the 2018 incoming class.

Gender Diversity

The gender breakdown of the total accepted class in 2018 was nearly evenly divided, with the percentage of women accepted to MEDEX Northwest being slightly higher at 55% of the class.

Average Age

The age of MEDEX students ranges from 21 to 54 with the mean age of 30. This range in age is related to the total number of clinical experience hours required to meet MEDEX prerequisites.  Students accepted to MEDEX tend to have a significant number of years in paid clinical positions, averaging 5 years in 2018.

Reapplicant vs. New Applicant

New students accepted in the 2017-2018 application cycle accounted for nearly 67%, and the number of reapplicants accepted makes up more than 33% of the 2018 accepted class.

Graduate Practice Information

Over 74% of program graduates serve the WWAMI region in both primary care and specialty practice. MEDEX graduates working in primary care total 43% with others working in emergency medicine (14%), surgery (20%), medical specialties (8%), and other areas (13%).