Reapplicant vs. New Applicant

The number of reapplicants accepted to the bachelor’s program at the Tacoma and Spokane, WA as well as the Anchorage, AK training sites accounts for 33% of the 2016 BCHS accepted class.

Gender Statistics

The number of male and female students in the bachelor’s program is nearly equal, with the percentage of women somewhat higher.  The number of male students selected is almost 47%.

Average Age

The mean age of BCHS students accepted is 30 years, which is slightly younger than the mean age of the MCHS accepted class.

Academic Backgrounds

The degree status of students accepted into the BCHS class ranges from having some college-level courses and certificate training to those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in another discipline. A small group of students with doctorate-level professional training and international medical graduates was also accepted in this degree program.

Regional Statistics

The majority of the BCHS class accepted in 2016 is from the WWAMI region, with students from Washington making up the high percentage at just over 52%. Alaska residents accounted for nearly 32%, the majority of these students enter the Anchorage class with plans to stay in Alaska after graduating.  Outreach efforts in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho continue as we focus on increasing access to PA education for those in rural communities with unmet need.  Students selected from outside the WWAMI region typically have ties to the region through military service, family in the area, or were originally from this region.

Military Statistics

Military members are represented in the undergraduate degree option, with over 17% of the 2016 BCHS class being veteran or current military members. The undergraduate degree option offered by MEDEX Northwest continues to draw a large number of military applicants with a high number of training credits that can be applied toward meeting MEDEX prerequisites. We value this historical component of the MEDEX applicant pool and continue to actively recruit, mentor and, train current and former military members.