Reapplicant vs. New Applicant

The number of reapplicants accepted to the master’s program at the Seattle and Spokane training sites is just over 32% of the 2014 MCHS accepted class.

Gender Statistics

The number of male and female students in the master’s program is nearly equal, with the percentage of women slightly higher. The number of male students selected is nearly 50%, a figure that is significantly higher than the national average.

Average Age

The mean age of MCHS students accepted is 32 years, a number that is slightly younger than the mean age of the overall 2014 entering class.

Academic Backgrounds

Although MEDEX does not require a specific undergraduate degree major, MCHS students typically apply with a prior bachelor’s degree in a science-based major. Other degrees are acceptable.

Regional Statistics

The majority of the MCHS class accepted in 2014 is from the WWAMI region, with students from Washington making up the largest percentage at just over 65%. We saw a significant increase in students from Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming  this year and will continue outreach efforts in those states. Students selected from outside the WWAMI region typically have ties to the region through military service, family in the area, or were originally from this region.

Military Statistics

Military members continue to be represented in the MEDEX student body  with over 25% of the 2014 MCHS class being veteran or current military members. We value this historical component of the MEDEX applicant pool and continue to actively recruit, mentor and, train current and former military members.