Student Representatives

Each year, MEDEX students at each site vote on their student class representatives including class president, vice president, treasurer, historian, social director, etc.  During the students’ first quarter on campus, they will hold a student meeting where classmates will be nominated.  Candidates give a brief speech about why they should be elected for a particular position.  Students will then hold a secret ballot for each position.  The student with the most votes will be elected.


Shall preside over the monthly meetings, set the meetings’ agendas, and submit the same to the secretary for copies and distribution, coordinate the activities of the committees, and keep the membership informed of the activities of these committees.

2013Michael Fleming, PA-SChelsea Jacobs, PA-SJeff Hayward, PA-STracie Alberts, PA-S
2012Sean Lisk, PA-STylor Laflan, PA-SHarry Lawrence, PA-SChristopher Varady, PA-S
2011Elliott Collins, PA-SLori Hamilton, PA-SNicholas Lawyer, PA-SJames McGann, PA-S

Vice President

Shall assist the president, preside in his/her absence, and inform the membership on various student issues and activities of the Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (SAAAPA).

2013Matthew Smith, PA-SBrian O’Loughlin, PA-SJose Perez, PA-SJon Pennington, PA-S
2012Jessica Blank, PA-SMatthew Loudon, PA-SBrett Flory, PA-SAaron Newton, PA-S
2011Leah Yoke, PA-SMary Eckart, PA-SJason Legan, PA-SAnn Coronado, PA-S


Shall maintain all records of the student society, record minutes of meetings, notify members of forthcoming meetings, notify candidates of their election, and carry on the general correspondence of the student society.

2013Jennifer Strand, PA-SElena Harris, PA-SSarina Osuna, PA-SBrandon Parsons, PA-S
2012Erin Mallery, PA-SQuana Ticket, PA-SRita Klabacha, PA-SRachel Fisher, PA-S
2011Kelsey Wozniak, PA-SMargaret Olsen, PA-SSarah Miles, PA-SShelly Voigt, PA-S


Shall coordinate the collection of dues, maintain the student society bank account, and report to the membership the student society’s financial status at each general meeting.

2013Thanh Nguyen, PA-SSteve Poggi, PA-SMatt Pippenger, PA-SAaron Von Krueger, PA-S
2012Jared Rapier, PA-SNathan Greene, PA-SAndrew Ashford, PA-SAnthony O’Neel, PA-S
2011Alexander Robinweller, PA-SCami Zobel, PA-SHeather Davis, PA-SRichard Cardenas, PA-S

Professional Association Student Representative

Shall be the liaison between the student society and the constituent chapter. The student will attend the state chapter meeting representing his or her student society.

Seattle-WAPAAnchorage- AKAPASpokane-WAPAYakima-WAPA
2013Cody Balogh, PA-SRachael Brock, PA-SEvan Rowley, PA-SMike Carter, PA-S &
Heather Neal, PA-S (Alternate)
2012Donald Smith, PA-SJennifer Crowley, PA-STeresa Vasicek, PA-S &
Angela Tague, PA-S (Alternate)
Justin Hadaller, PA-S &
Shaun Smith, PA-S
2011Gladdy Torres, PA-STerrin Phillips, PA-STamara Dotson, PA-SJoseph Robinson, PA-S &
Robert Weiss, PA-S

HOD Representative

Represents their class at the HOD meeting at the AAPA National Conference.  Required to attend all of the sessions.  Discusses the HOD resolutions to their class prior to attending the HOD meeting to be able to adequately represent their class.  Must attend the state pre-HOD meeting if appropriate.  Must be able to fund their way to the AAPA National Conference.

2012Jessica Butler, PA-SChristopher Dietrich, PA-SKatie Cypcar, PA-STawna Barck, PA-S
2011Meghan Mosbo, PA-SMarcel (Page) Herring, PA-SMatthew Rendahl, PA-S & Henry Petersen, PA-SJohn Primrose, PA-S

AOR Representative

Represents their class at the AOR meeting at the AAPA National Conference.  Required to attend all of the sessions.  Discusses the AOR resolutions to their class prior to attending the AOR meeting to be able to adequately represent their class.  Must be able to fund their way to the AAPA National Conference.

2013Heather Harby, PA-S &
Glynis Weaver, PA-S (Alternate)
Stephanie Shippy, PA-S &
Benjamin Kennah, PA-S (Alternate)
Amy Pollock, PA-S &
Anna Hoskins, PA-S (Alternate)
Laura Hickey, PA-S
2012Rachel Goldberger, PA-S &
Samantha Ferguson, PA-S (Alternate)
Robert McRorie, PA-S &
Arron OCallaghan, PA-S (Alternate)
Elizabeth Scott, PA-S &
Catherine Cleveland, PA-S (Alternate)
Luke Lenahan, PA-S
2011Carlos Rodriguez, PA-S &
Christopher Muldoon, PA-S
Bryan Farthing, PA-SWalter Wootton, PA-S & Amber Smiley, PA-SNathan Fite, PA-S &
Steve Revier, PA-S

External Affairs Chair

Shall coordinate activities and public relations efforts between his or her student society and external groups, including but not limited to other medical professionals, such as physician, osteopath, PT, OT, nurse, speech therapist; city, county, state, and national organizations; and other community-related organizations.

2013Krista Guyll, PA-SDeana Glick, PA-SAJ Gray, PA-SGrace Fisher, PA-S
2012Alicia Loomis, PA-S &
Miranda Detore, PA-S
Meagan Meekin, PA-SHeather Froeschle, PA-S &
Gretchen Foley, PA-S
Tawna Barck, PA-S
2011Laura Katers, PA-SCzarina McLaughlin-Young, PA-SSuzanne Lim, PA-S &
Savannah Pederson, PA-S
Steve Martinez, PA-S &
Clarice Twitty, PA-S

Student Diversity Committee Representative

Shall be the liaison between the student society and the SAAAPA Director of Diversity and shall act as a representative of all PA students in his or her PA program and convey any and all concerns and issues regarding diversity to SAAAPA.

2013Glynis Weaver, PA-SMaria Bellova, PA-STabitha Phillips, PA-SBrenda LaVigne, PA-S
2012Brianna Torgerson, PA-SShigone Beighle, PA-S &
Olivia Wall, PA-S
Katrina Schneider, PA-S &
Latoya Benjamin, PA-S
2011Pamela Voltz, PA-SCarlin Evanoff, PA-SKarla Rivera, PA-SNA


One or more students responsible for collecting photos and write ups of class activities and entering them in the SAAAPA Outstanding Student Society award (submit senior year); putting together a memorative presentation for graduation party (optional)

2013Mike Rafer, PA-SAngela Hoener, PA-SCarrie McAllister, PA-SPaddy Downey, PA-S
2012Leslie Lewis, PA-SCherise Hug, PA-S &
Michaela Brooks, PA-S
Catherine Cleveland, PA-SKrystal Agtarap
2011Claudia Holsen, PA-S &
Anna Lefelman, PA-S
Suzanne Kangas, PA-S &
Lisa Spurlock, PA-S
Savannah Pederson, PA-S &
Margaret Waechter, PA-S
Shelly Voigt, PA-S

Social Director

Works with a team to plan and organize events for classmates, families, etc., coordinates end of year and graduation party.

2013Sarith Keo, PA-S &
Rebecca Lewis, PA-S
Emily Seidl, PA-SShana Colt, PA-SDeb Shields, PA-S
2012Eric Chang, PA-S &
Jenny Fisher, PA-S
NADanielle Barnes, PA-SSara Howard, PA-S
2011Ryan Buchan, PA-SPatricia Cushman, PA-SKathalene Cassels, PA-S &
Joseph Gaines, PA-S
Lyndsey Jones, PA-S &
Heather Stirnaman, PA-S

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