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Research faculty cover most areas of Human and Medical Genetics and modern molecular biology. Fifteen members of our faculty are Diplomats of the American Board of Medical Genetics. Six are members of the National Academy of Sciences.


The program is designed to train individuals for academic careers in human and medical genetics. The philosophy of the program is to use the most advanced concepts and techniques of genetics and cellular/molecular biology in the elucidation of problems in human and medical genetics. Research as well as clinical competence is stressed. Research activities span a wide spectrum of topics in basic and clinical human genetics. Funded training positions are available.

Genetic Medicine Clinic

The Medical Genetics Counseling and Diagnostic Center has specialists with training in numerous areas of Medical Genetics.

Northwest Institute of Genetic Medicine

The Northwest Institute of Genetic Medicine is a collaboration of Institutions funded by the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund, UWMC, and Seattle Children's Hospital, which includes Group Health, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, and biotechnology.

Medical Genetics Faculty, Fellows & Staff: 2014

Medical Genetics Faculty, Fellows & Staff: 2014

Medical Genetics Faculty Opening

The University of Washington Department of Medicine is recruiting for one (1) full-time faculty position at the Associate Professor, or Professor level in the Division of Medical Genetics, Department of Medicine. This position is offered with state tenure funding.

Successful candidates for this position will have an M.D./Ph.D. or M.D. degree (or foreign equivalent), clinical expertise in genetics, and will be expected to carry out a successful research program. Highly translational PhD (or foreign equivalent) scientists may be considered. Although candidates with productive research programs in translational genetics/genomics and/or precision medicine will be prioritized, investigators engaged in gene therapy research may also be considered.

Click here to view the job positing: http://ap.washington.edu/ahr/academic-jobs/position/aa3744/

The position will remain open until filled. Send CV and 1-2 page letter of interest to:

Medical Genetics Faculty Search
c/o Sara Carlson
Division of Medical Genetics
University of Washington


All seminars are held Fridays 12:30-1:30pm in K069 unless otherwise noted

January 30th 2015
     "Improving services to LGBTQ clients in the setting of genetic evaluation, research and counseling"
     Robin L. Bennett, MS, CGC, DSc (Hon)
     Senior Licensed Genetic Counselor
     Co-Director, Genetic Medicine Clinic
     Clinical Associate Professor

     Bradley Rolf, MS, CGC
     Licensed Genetic Counselor
     Genetic Medicine Clinic

February 6th 2015
     "Chromatin Organization, Insulators and Long Range Interactions in the Nucleus"
     Gary Felsenfeld, PhD
     NIH Distinguished Investigator
     Laboratory of Molecular Biology
     National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

February 13th 2015
     "Dementias of the Alzheimer Type: Views from the Lens of Evolutionary Biology"
     George Martin, MD
     Professor of Pathology
     Adjunct Professor of Genome Sciences

Medical Genetics News

Mary Claire King is awarded the 2014 Lasker-Koshland Special Achievement Award in Medical Science

Fuki Hisama and Ginna Sybert were recognized in the June 2014 issue of Seattle Magazine's Top Doctors.
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Mary-Claire King in Time Magazine:
Lessons From the Woman Who Discovered the BRCA Cancer Gene

Congratulations to Dr. Fuki Hisama on her promotion to Full Professor, effective July 1, 2014

A European population in Minoan Bronze Age Crete

Dr. George Stamatoyannopoulos is senior author of the publication in Nature Communications.

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