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Medical Genetics Repository and Registry Study Forms

There are 4 consent forms used in this study. Please choose the correct one plus HIPAA and print out 2 copies. One copy is filed, the other is given to the research subject.

  • Consent "For adults enrolled in other Medical Genetic Research Studies". Adults (18 yrs and over) only who ARE already enrolled in an on-going research study.
    Click Here for this form.

  • Consent "For subjects not currently enrolled in a Medical Genetics Study". Adults (18 yrs and over) who ARE NOT currently enrolled in another research study.
    Click Here for this form.

  • Minor Assent "For Subjects 12-17 years and their Parents". To be signed by the MINOR subject and one parent.
    Click Here for this form.

  • HIPAA "Authorization to Use, Create or Share Health Information for Research". To be signed by ALL enrolled subjects.
    Click Here for this form.