André M. Lieber, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine, Adjunct Professor of Pathology


University of Washington
K-240B Health Sciences Building
Medical Genetics, Box 357720
Seattle, WA 98195-7720

Phone: (206) 221-3973
Phone: (206) 543-0109
FAX: (206) 685-8675

Research Program:

My lab has been working on the biology and translational aspects of human adenoviruses for more than two decades. We have capitalized on mechanisms evolved by adenoviruses to establish infection and developed new approaches for the treatment of cancer and genetic blood diseases involving recombinant adenovirus proteins. Two of these approaches will be tested in cancer patients in the next two years.
Last year, we have developed a new technology that allows for the in vivo genome engineering of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). It involves the mobilization of HSCs from the bone marrow and intravenous injection of integrating helper-dependent adenovirus vectors with tropism to HSCs. We plan to use this technology for gene therapy of HIV/AIDS and thalassasemia. More ambitious plans involve in vivo HSC transduction for cancer prophylaxis in patients with high risk germ-line mutations.

Representative Publications:

Shayakhmetov D. M., Papayannopoulou T., Stamatoyannopoulos G., Lieber, A. (2000) Efficient gene transfer into human CD34+ cells by a retargeted adenovirus vector. Journal of Virology 74:2567-83.

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