Konstantin Doronin, Ph.D.


Acting Assistant Professor of Medicine

University of Washington
Division of Medical Genetics
1705 NE Pacific Street
HSB, J-305, Box 357720
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 543-1619
FAX: (206) 543-3487
                                                     E-mail: doronin@uw.edu

Research Program:

  • Conditionally-replicative (oncolytic) adenovirus vectors targeted to cancer-specific defects in signaling pathways.
  • Armed oncolytic adenovirus vectors
  • Binary adenovirus vector systems
  • Systemic delivery of adenovirus for cancer therapy
  • Non-invasive imaging of adenovirus vector replication and biodistribution
  • Evasion of the immune system by adenoviruses

Representative Publications:

Doronin K, Shashkova EV, May SM, Hofherr SE, Barry MA. Chemical modification with high molecular weight polyethylene glycol reduces transduction of hepatocytes and increases efficacy of intravenously delivered oncolytic adenovirus. Hum Gene Ther 2009 20(9):975-88.

Shashkova EV, Kuppuswamy MN, Wold WSM, Doronin K. Anticancer activity of oncolytic adenovirus vector armed with IFN-alpha and ADP is enhanced by pharmacologically-controlled expression of TRAIL. Cancer Gene Ther 2008 15(2):61-72.

Shashkova EV, Spencer JF, Wold WSM, Doronin K. Targeting interferon-alpha increases antitumor efficacy and reduces hepatotoxicity of E1A-mutated spread-enhanced oncolytic adenovirus. Mol Ther 2007 15(3):598-607.

Shashkova EV, Cherenova LV, Kazansky DB, Doronin K. Avian adenovirus vector CELO-TK displays anticancer activity in human cancer cells and suppresses established murine melanoma tumors. Cancer Gene Ther 2005 12(7):617-626.

Doronin K, Toth K, Kuppuswamy M, Krajcsi P, Tollefson AE, Wold WS. Overexpression of the ADP (E3-11.6K) protein increases cell lysis and spread of adenovirus. Virology 2003 305(2):378-387.

Doronin K, Toth K, Kuppuswamy M, Ward P, Tollefson AE, Wold WS. Tumor-specific, replication-competent adenovirus vectors overexpressing the adenovirus death protein. J Virol 2000 74(13):6147-6155.