Qiliang Li, Ph.D.

Research Professor of Medicine

University of Washington
I-164F Health Sciences Building
Medical Genetics, Box 357720
Seattle, WA 98195-7360

Phone: (206) 616-4526
FAX: (206) 616-4527
E-mail: li111640@u.washington.edu

Research Program:

Dr. Li’s general research interests focus on the field of expression regulation of eukaryotic genes, in particular, the mechanism of long-range interaction between the locus control region (LCR)/enhancer and promoters using the globin locus as the model. High-level expression of ß-like globin gene is dependent on the presence of the LCR, which is located several kb away from the genes. The LCR is able to activate the genes in a gene- and developmental stage-specific manner. The activation may be exerted by a chromatin looping mechanism, which bring the LCR and genes to a proximal distance. Past studies include identification of ß-globin LCR in goat and definition of insulating activity of DNase I hypersensitive site 5’ of the human LCR. Current studies focus on the investigation of relative parameters involved in looping formation, including identification of cis elements participating in interaction of the LCR and promoters, identification and characterization of trans factors that regulate the interaction, and analysis of chromatin structure.

Investigator: Dr. Li is a Research Professor in the Department of Medicine (Medical Genetics).