Sihoun Hahn, MD, PhD.


Professor of Pediatrics
Adjunct Professor, Medical Genetics

University of Washington

Phone: (206) 987-7610

Research Program:

Dr. Hahn joined the faculty at University of Washington and Children’s Hospital as Head of the Biochemical Genetics Program and the Director of the Biochemical and Molecular Genetics Laboratory Dr. Hahn recently moved from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he was an Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Medical Genetics and Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. He was also a Co-Director of the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory. Dr. Hahn is a board certified clinical and clinical biochemical geneticist.

Dr. Hahn’s research has focused on copper metabolism, population screening for Wilson’s disease and mitochondrial disease. His work focused on developing a test for Wilson’s disease, a genetic disease in which the body cannot excrete copper properly leading to its accumulation in various organs including the liver and brain. Dr. Hahn here is focusing on developing a national screening program as a mandatory test for every newborn by tandem mass spectrometry. Dr. Hahn serves as a member of medical advisory committee of the Wilson’s Disease Association. Dr. Hahn will be furthering his research on mitochondrial disorders, for which he already developed an assay that quickly determines if the disease is present.

Other current projects in his lab focus on developing peptide finger printing analysis by tandem mass spectrometry for various metabolic and genetic disorders. Dr. Hahn hopes to improve clinical practice through integrated laboratory testing – true translational research. He remains a great believer in prevention: identifying illness and providing interventions to patients before symptoms appear is always preferable to treating developed disease.

Representative Publications:

Dr. Hahn's Publications at UW Medicine