Wendy H. Raskind, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Medicine/Medical Genetics
Adjunct Professor of Genome Sciences
Joint Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


University of Washington
D-218 Health Sciences Building
Medical Genetics, Box 357720
Seattle, WA 98195-7720

Phone: (206) 543-3177
Phone: (206) 616-2135
FAX: (206) 616-7366
E-mail: wendyrun@u.washington.edu

Research Program:

The focus of Dr. Raskind’s research is the study of neurobehavioral and neurodegenerative disorders, both single gene and complex in etiology. A major endeavor is to identify genes involved in dyslexia and other complex behavioral disorders. To model and map genetic contributors to dyslexia, multigenerational families were collected and extensively characterized. Quantitative measures used in the clinical assessment of reading disabled children are studied individually and in combination. These include measures of executive function as well as reading and related processes. Parametric and nonparametric genetic modeling and linkage analyses are employed. The laboratory also has a strong interest in identification of genes responsible for mendelian neurologic diseases, including cerebellar ataxias, spastic parapareses, myokymia, choreas and familial late onset Alzheimer disease. Two approaches are used: linkage mapping and positional cloning, and exome sequencing and mutational cloning. The lab also engages in characterization of the mutant genes both in vitro and in animal models.

Investigator: Dr. Raskind is Professor of Medicine (Medical Genetics), Adjunct Professor of Genome Sciences, and Joint Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Representative Publications:

Yu C, Niakan KK, Matsushita M, Stamatoyannopoulos G, Orkin SH, and Raskind WH: X-linked thrombocytopenia with thalassemia due to a mutation in the amino-finger of GATA-1 affecting DNA-binding rather than FOG-1 interaction. Blood 100:2040-2045, 2002.

Chen D-H, Brkanac Z, Verlinde CLMJ, Tan X-J, Bylenok L, Nochlin D, Matsushita M, Lipe H, Wolff J, Fernandez M, Cimino PJ, Bird TD, Raskind WH. Missense mutations in the regulatory domain of PKC: a new mechanism for dominant nonepisodic cerebellar ataxia. Am J Hum Genet 72:839-849, 2003.

Raskind WH, Igo RP, Jr, Chapman NH, Berninger VW, Thomson JB, Matsushita M, Brkanac Z , Holzman T, Brown M, Wijsman EM. A genome scan in multigenerational families with dyslexia: Identification of a novel locus on chromosome 2q that contributes to phonological decoding efficiency. Molec Psychiatry, 10:699-711, 2005.

Brkanac Z, Chapman N, Matsushita M, Chun L, Thompson E, Berninger VW, Wijsman EM, Raskind WH. Genome scan of a nonword repetition phenotype in families with dyslexia: evidence for multiple loci. Behav Genet 38:462-475, 2008. PMID: 18607713; PMCID: PMC2853749

Brkanac Z, Spencer D, Shendure J, Robertson PD, Matsushita M, Vu T, Bird TD, Olson MV, Raskind WH. IFRD1 is a candidate gene for SMNA on chromosome 7q22-q23. Am J Hum Genet 84(5):692-697, 2009. PMID: 19409521; PMCID: PMC2680994

Poorkaj P, Raskind WH, Kim S, Gazi N, Stager TA, Chang K, L. Tisch LM, Matsushita M, Lipe H, Wolff J, Bird TD. A novel X-linked tauopathy with parkinsonian features. Epub Movement Disorders Apr 13, 2010.