Seminars Oct 2011 - June 2012

October 2011

October 21st 2011
     "Biological characterization of mutations responsible for Perrault syndrome: challenges of phenotypic, allelic, and locus heterogeneity"
     Sarah Pierce, PhD
     Research Scientist, Medical Genetics

November 2011

November 4th 2011
     "A Molecular Geneticist's View of Parkinson Disease"
     Robert L. Nussbaum, M.D.
     Holly Smith Distinguished Professor in Medicine
     Chief, Medical Genetics
     UCSF Institute for Human Genetics

November 18th 2011
     Hunter Underhill, MD, PhD
     Resident, Medical Genetics

December 2011

December 2nd 2011
     "Complex traits are complicated: Lessons from Alzheimer's disease"
     Elizabeth Marchani, PhD
     Senior Fellow, Medical Genetics

December 9th 2011
     Jimmy Bennett, MD, PhD
     Resident, Medical Genetics

December 16th 2011
     "The Molecular Genetic Basis of Pentosuria: Studies of Garrod's Fourth Inborn Error of Metabolism from 1908 to 2011"
     Mary-Claire King, PhD
     Professor, Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

     Arno G. Motulsky, MD
     Professor Emeritus, Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

January 2012

January 13th 2012
     "Genetic Variation in the Human Transcriptome"
     Vivian G. Cheung, MD
     Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
     Professor, Departments of Genetics and Pediatrics
     University of Pennsylvania

January 20th 2012
     Su-In Lee, PhD
     Assistant Professor, Genome Sciences and Computer Science & Engineering

January 27th 2012
     Wylie Burke, MD, PhD
     Professor and Chair, Bioethics and Humanities

     Malia Fullerton, PhD
     Associate Professor, Bioethics and Humanities

     Kelly Edwards, PhD
     Associate Professor, Bioethics and Humanities

February 2012

February 3rd 2012
     John McPherson, PhD
     Genome Technologies Director
     Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

February 10th 2012
     Stanley Fields, PhD
     Professor, Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

February 17th 2012
     "Emerging RNA Interference-based Gene Silencing Therapy for Dominant Genetic Disease of Muscle"
     Joel Chamberlain, PhD
     Research Assistant Professor, Medical Genetics

February 24th 2012
     "A Tale of Two Exomes: Familial Dyskinesia with Facial Myokymia X-Linked Parkinsonian Syndrome"
     Wendy Raskind, MD, PhD
     Professor, Medicine/Medical Genetics and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

     Olena Korvatska, PhD
     Research Scientist, Medical Genetics

March 2012

March 2nd 2012
     Diane Genereux, PhD
     Research Associate, Department of Biology

March 9th 2012
     "Genomics for Gene Discovery in Epilepsy"
     Heather Mefford, MD, PhD
     Assistant Professor, Pediatrics - Genetic Medicine

March 16th 2012
     "Adenovirus-based cancer therapeutics: The uphill road from the bench to the bedside"
     Andre Lieber, MD, PhD
     Professor, Medical Genetics

March 23rd 2012
     William Catterall, PhD
     Chair and Professor
     Department of Pharmacology

March 30th 2012
     David Emery, PhD
     Research Associate Professor, Medical Genetics

April 2012

April 13th 2012
     Ocular pathogen detection and discovery using biome representational in silico karyotyping
     Russell Van Gelder, MD, PhD
     Boyd K. Bucey Professor and Chair
     Department of Ophthalmology

April 20th 2012
     Reprogramming, Dedifferentiating and Epigenetics: How to grow a new heart
     Robb MacLellan, MD
     Robert A. Bruce Professor of Medicine
     Head, Division of Cardiology

April 27th 2012
     Ethanol, toxic metabolism and DNA repair
     K. J. Patel, MD, PhD
     MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom

May 2012

May 11th 2012
     Detection of identity by descent and application to genetic studies
     Brian Browning, PhD
     Associate Professor, Medical Genetics

June 2012

June 1st 2012
     David Valle, MD
     Henry J. Knott Professor and Director,
     McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine
     The John Hopkins School of Medicine

June 8th 2012
     Faculty Meeting/No Seminar

June 15th 2012
     ChIPs & SNPs: Getting more from autoimmune GWASs with T Cell enhancer maps.
     David Hawkins, PhD
     Assistant Professor
     Medical Genetics and Genome Sciences

June 22nd 2012
     Medical Genetics in Vietnam: Strategies for Program Development in an Emerging Country
     Kathleen Leppig, MD
     Chief, Genetic Services
     Group Health Cooperative