Seminars Oct 2012 - June 2013

October 2012

October 12th 2012
     Medical Genetics Residency Faculty Development Session
     "The Next GME Accreditation System - Rationale and Benefits"
     Byron Joyner, MD
     Associate Dean of GME
     Professor and Program Director of Urology

     Susan Johnston, Ed.D
     Director of Education, GME

October 19th 2012
     "Evolving knowledge of the teratogenicity of medications in human pregnancy"
     Margaret Adam, MD
     Associate Professor, Genetic Medicine - Pediatrics
     Seattle Children's Hospital

October 26th 2012
     "A mouse model for the functional consequences of PON1 genetic variability"
     Wan-Fen Li, PhD
     Acting instructor, Medical Genetics

November 2012

November 2nd 2012 - ASHG Practice Talks
     "Causal mutation discovery using next-generation sequencing data: Development and application of a pipeline to reduce false positive calls and to map regions of shared homozygosity and IBD"
     Suleyman Gulsuner, PhD
     Senior Fellow, Medical Genetics

     "Functional analysis of rare chimeric genes in schizophrenia"
     Cait Rippey
     MD/PhD studuent, Genome Sciences

     "Exome sequencing of families severely affected with breast cancer suggests eight new candidate genes: ATR, BAP1, CHEK1, GEN1, KANK4, OBSL1, RAD51B, and TP53BP1"
     Cailyn Spurrell
     PhD student, Genome Sciences

November 9th 2012
     No Seminar/ASHG

November 16th 2012
     "The Genetic Basis of Dilated Cardiomyopathy"
     Ray E. Hershberger, MD
     Professor of Medicine and Director, Division of Human Genetics
     Joint appointment, Cardiovascular Division, Heart Failure/Heart Transplant
     Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University
     Dorothy M Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute

November 23rd 2012
     Thanksgiving/No Seminar

November 30th 2012
     "Genetics and genomics of pigmentary diversity"
     Greg Barsh, MD, PhD
     Investigator, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
     Professor, Stanford University

December 2012

December 7th 2012
     "The effects of aging on malignancy in a glioma mouse model"
     Mari Tokita, MD
     Resident, Medical Genetics

December 14th 2012
     "Delivering Genomic Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities"
     Heidi Rehm, PhD, FACMG
     Director, Laboratory for Molecular Medicine, PCPGM
     Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

December 21st 2012
     No Seminar

December 28th 2012
     No Seminar

January 2013

January 4th 2013
     No Seminar

January 11th 2013
     "Tracking elusive modifier loci using identity-by-descent and influential alleles"
     Elizabeth Marchani, PhD
     Acting Instructor, Medical Genetics
     Medical Genetics Faculty Candidate

January 18th 2013
     "Size matters: the genetic basis of human megalencephaly"
     William B. Dobyns, MD
     Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology

January 25th 2013
     No Seminar/Faculty Meeting

February 2013

February 1st 2013
     "Exome Sequencing in Multiplex Families - identifying disease causing mutations in Schizophrenia and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia"
     Andrew Timms, PhD
     Senior Fellow, Pathology

February 8th 2013
     "Autism, Schizophrenia and other intrinsic properties of the human genome"
     Jonathan Sebat, PhD
     Associate Professor
     Chief, Beyster Center of Molecular Genomics of Neuropsychiatric Diseases
     Department of Psychiatry
     Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
     University of California, San Diego

February 15th 2013
     "Investigators' First Amendment Right to Return Results to Research Participants"
     Barbara Evans, PhD, JD
     Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Health Law & Policy Institute
     University of Houston Law Center

February 22nd 2013
     No Seminar

March 2013

March 1st 2013
     "Fuel Intake, Absorption, Storage and Distribution: A Molecular Harmony"
     Atul Chopra, MD, PhD
     PGY3 Medical Genetics Resident

     Baylor College of Medicine

March 8th 2013
     "Unlocking Autism: Massively Parallel Strategies and Shifting Genetic Paradigms"
     Brian O'Roak, PhD
     Senior Fellow
     Department of Genome Sciences

March 15th 2013
     No Seminar/Faculty Meeting

March 22nd 2013
     No Seminar/ACMG Meeting

March 29th 2013
     "Deciphering complexity of innate immune responses to a "simple" adenovirus vector"
     Dmitry Shayakhmetov, PhD
     Research Associate Professor, Medical Genetics

April 2013

April 5th 2013
     "Neurodevelopmental functions of TBR1, an autism risk gene"
     Robert Hevner, MD, PhD
     Professor, Neurological Surgery
     Seattle Children's Research Institute

April 12th 2013
     No Seminar

April 19th 2013
     "Pregnancy and vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome - Understanding risks and options"
     Mitzi Murray, MD
     Acting Assistant Professor
     Pathology and Medical Genetics

April 26th 2013
     "Linkage and Association of hypertriglycerdemia with 3 novel genetic variants in a large family"
     Elisabeth Rosenthal, PhD
     Research Scientist, Medical Genetics

May 2013

May 3rd 2013
     "β-globin to the ENCODE project: a functional assessment of regulatory elements"
     Patrick Navas, PhD
     Research Associate Professor, Medical Genetics

May 10th 2013
     "From the Ramayana to Reverend Bayes: host defenses and zoonotic transmission of simian foamy virus"
     Frederick "Erick" Matsen, PhD
     Assistant Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

May 17th 2013
     "Issues in the Application of Genomic Medicine"
     Carlos Gallego, MD
     Acting Instructor/Senior Fellow, Medical Genetics

May 24th 2013
     "The Many Facets of Human Paraoxonases"
     Clement Furlong
     Professor, Medical Genetics

May 31st 2013
     "Genetics of Progeria and the Progeroid Syndromes"
     Fuki Hisama, MD
     Associate Professor, Medical Genetics

June 2013

June 7th 2013
     No Seminar/Faculty Meeting

June 14th 2013
     "Beyond normocephaly"
     Joan Stoler, MD
     Clinical Geneticist
     Children's Hospital Boston

June 21st 2013
     "Role of Neurotrophins in Neuropsychiatric Disorders"
     Francis Lee, MD, PhD
     Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry
     Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Pharmacology
     Attending Psychiatrist, New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College

July 2013

July 5th 2013
     "Evolutionary patterns of conserved non-coding regions in mammalian genomes"
     Naruya Saitou
     Professor, Division of Population Genetics
     National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan