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Volume 5, Number 50Space HolderDec. 21, 2001

Health Care in America bookjacket

Health Care In America

Geyman authors book on America's ailing health-care system

John Geyman, professor emeritus and past chair of family medicine, has titled his most recent book Health Care in America: Can Our Ailing System Be Healed? The book is being published by Butterworth-Heinmann (Boston, 2002, 441 pp).

Geyman begins the book by covering major trends affecting health care. He also gives perspectives on attempts to control costs, improve access and define quality. After discussing previous efforts to bolster the U.S. health-care system, he examines several proposed approaches for addressing problems with health care in the United States. Geyman notes that effective solutions are unlikely as long as incremental steps are favored over a national, systematic reform.

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