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Volume 5, Number 25Space HolderJune 22, 2001

Tao Drops book jacket

Tao Drops

Neuroanatomist and stroke survivor authors inspirational book

In his newly published writings, Roger Harris, associate professor of biological structure and a neuroanatomist, shares his thoughts on creativity and human interactions.

His latest work, released this spring by Eton-Wolf, contains two books, the previously published Life at a Snails Pace and new writings, Tao Drops. The two are meant to be a linked pair. Harris wrote and published Life at a Snails Pace three years after suffering a severe stroke. He told of his experiences in surviving and recovering from the stroke.

What aided his recovery was the appearance of bursts of creative thoughts. These thoughts, some of which appear in Tao Drops, were important in building a new life.

Read together these books represent what Harris calls "The Compleat Odd Thoughts of Roger" and give readers a new way of looking at the world and the people in it.

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