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Volume 6, Number 10Space holderMarch 15, 2002

Informatics in Primary Care book jacket

Informatics in Primary Care: Strategies in Information Management for the Healthcare Provider

Book acts as guide for physicians to manage health-care information

UW researchers advise practitioners how to access, manage and implement the latest information technology in "Informatics in Primary Care: Strategies in Information Management for the Healthcare Provider" (Springer Verlag 2002, 241 pp.). The book provides practical understanding of cutting-edge information technology by presenting various informatics applications in clinical context.

The book's editors include Tom Norris, associate dean and professor of family medicine; Sherrilynne Fuller, professor of medical education and director of the UW Health Sciences Libraries; Harold Goldberg, associate professor of medicine and director of Clinical Informatics Development; and Peter Tarczy-Hornoch, associate professor of pediatrics and head of the Division of Biomedical and Health Informatics in the Department of Medical Education.

Norris' research interests include telemedicine, rural health care, and informatics in primary care. Fuller's areas of research include design and evaluation of integrated health information systems to support decision making at the place and time of need, and developing new approach to mine, represent and map the results of scientific research. Goldberg's current research interests include the role of informatics in improving health-care quality and the involvement of patients in Web-based disease management programs. Tarczy-Hornoch conducts research in bioinformatics and clinical informatics with a focus on clinical genetic database projects including GeneTests, a directory of genetic testing; GeneClinics, the users manual of genetic testing, and BioMediator, advanced data integration systems for semi-structured genetic data.

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