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Friday, Oct. 02, 1998

UW receives $2 million to support promising investigators in women's health

SEATTLE -- The University of Washington has received a five-year, $2 million NIH grant to establish a center to recruit obstetricians/gynecologists who show promise in women's reproductive health research and to support them during the transition from trainees to junior faculty. (more)

Two Wyoming towns chosen for familty medicine clerkships

SEATTLE -- Two Wyoming towns, Powell and Buffalo, have been selected as family medicine clerkship sites. Family physicians Mark Wurzel of Powell and Larry Kirven of Buffalo will coordinate the clerkships, slated to begin in July of 1999. (more)

Buffalo, left (photo by James Steven Connor), and Powell, Wyoming.

Medical Student Audrey Young completes managed care fellowship

SEATTLE -- Fourth-year medical student Audrey Young was one of 11 students selected nationwide this past summer for the American Medical Student Association Foundation's 1998 Managed Care Fellowship Program, held in Boston. (more)