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Friday, Oct. 09, 1998

Little difference found among low-back pain treatments

SEATTLE -- UW researchers writing in the Oct. 8 New England Journal of Medicine suggest there are no significant differences in outcomes for patients with lower-back pain when treated by chiropractic spinal manipulation, treated with a popular form of physical therapy called the McKenzie method, or simply given an educational booklet and not treated. (more)

WWAMI teaching sites pass 20- and 25-year milestones

SEATTLE -- Three regional teaching sites have just passed the quarter century mark in educating UW medical students. Several other sites have recently completed two decades or more in the WWAMI Program, which began forming partnerships in 1971. (more)

Holmes receives Roussel Award for antimicrobial research

SEATTLE -- King K. Holmes, professor of medicine, has received the 1998 Hoechst Marion Roussel Award from the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) for outstanding research on antimicrobial chemotherapy. (more)

Tricia and Richard Gibbs receive Pew Primary Care Awards honorable mention

SEATTLE -- Patricia Hellman "Tricia" Gibbs and her husband, Richard Gibbs, were honored during the national 1998 Pew Health Professions Primary Care Awards Program in Baltimore. (more)