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Friday, Nov. 20, 1998

UW Regents hold biennial meeting in Spokane

The University of Washington Board of Regents will meet today, Friday, Nov. 20, in Spokane. Dean Paul Ramsey and several other School of Medicine administrators will be among the speakers. (more)

Cardiovascular medicine course changes well-received

The Introduction to Cardiovascular Medicine course (HUBIO 540) incorporated several new approaches to teaching and course planning when it was offered in October. (more)

Northwest Kidney Centers opens ninth dialysis unit

West Seattle is the location of the Northwest Kidney Centers' newest outpatient dialysis unit, dedicated Nov. 10. (more)

Browning, Mont., paper features fourth-year student

Fourth-year medical student Kathy McDonald was featured in the Glacier Reporter, the Browning, Mont., newspaper, during her recent elective rotation in Heart Butte. (more)