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Nov. 20, 1998

Northwest Kidney Centers opens ninth dialysis unit

West Seattle is the location of the Northwest Kidney Centers' newest outpatient dialysis unit, dedicated Nov. 10.

Northwest Kidney Centers opened the world's first outpatient kidney dialysis unit in 1962, soon after Belding Scribner, now a professor emeritus of medicine, discovered a way to extend life-saving dialysis.

The West Seattle site is the Centers' ninth. This unit is configured for 60 patients, but can be expanded to support 78 patients. The new unit serves patients from West Seattle and Vashon Island, who previously had to commute to downtown Seattle for dialysis.

Patients spend, on average, up to two work days a week on dialysis. The stations have new technologies that improve patient comfort, and that encourage relaxing, productive or creative use of time. Every station will have Internet access, video and audio cassette players, and satellite television hook-up. The unit is compiling a library of donated books, tapes, magazines and laptop computers.