Mentor Power for Success

Understanding Mentor Partnerships

Three Key Participants Involved in the Mentor Partnership


Incoming OMA&D student (freshman or transfer) interested in meeting an experienced UW student mentor who can help them navigate their way through their first quarter.

Student Mentor

Continuing UW OMA&D student of sophomore, junior, or senior status who meets our qualifications and volunteer to help a new student (protégé) through their first quarter. As a caring and experienced UW student, they will introduce the new student to academic services, campus resources, college life, and be a support system as they transition to the UW.

Career Professional

UW Alumnus or friend of the University from diverse professional fields (i.e. Architecture, Business, Computers, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Social Services, Teaching, and more). These Career Professionals help the student develop better knowledge and insight into prospective careers or professions to further empower their career goals and decisions.


Mentor Phases

Phase I: Autumn Quarter

Peer Mentoring – The incoming new student (protégé) is paired with a continuing student mentor to help them transition successfully and succeed at the UW

Phase II: Winter Quarter

Career Connections – Student mentors and proteges are engaged with career exploration and opportunities to develop career connections with UW Alumni/Career Professionals through UWAA career events and programs.

Peer Mentoring Transition Program – Autumn quarter protégés and student mentors have the option to participate in one of the four CAMPUS Mentor Programs (PIPE, Adelante, Yehawali, and BASIC PLAN) for Winter and Spring Quarters.

Phase III: Spring Quarter

Future Mentoring – It is our goal and desire to have students, who have been protégés, volunteer in the future as student mentors, and for graduating student mentors to volunteer as career professionals. We also invite Career Professionals to renew their commitment for the following year’s program, and introduce other professionals to get involved.