Mentor Power for Success

Mentor Credit Opportunity

The Mentor Program offers a 1 or 2 elective credit(s) option to interested and successfully matched OMA& D Student Mentors during the participating Autumn quarter. **Add codes will ONLY be given out via email in Early September, once the student mentor is successfully matched with a protégé, and they indicated ‘credit option’ on their student mentor online application form.**

OMA&D Mentor Program Academic Credit Guidelines: General Studies 350F

  • When successfully matched as a Student Mentor with a Protégé(s) for Autumn quarter, notification will be in early September.
  • Complete all classroom assignments; more information will be listed in the syllabus.
  • Attend the mandatory Mentor Kick-Off Event on October 2, 2014 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Unity Room.
  • Maintain regular contact with your protégé(s) during the participating Autumn quarter.
  • Complete the Mentor Program Evaluation at the end of the quarter via email.