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The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution (MESA Air) is designed to examine the relationship between air pollution exposures and the progression of cardiovascular disease over time. The United States Environmental Protection Agency funds the ten-year study, which involves thousands of participants, representing diverse areas of the United States. The MESA Air Pollution study is headquartered at the University of Washington , but many other institutions are also involved.

Our air pollution study builds upon the foundation created by another study, the MESA study. A different branch of the federal government, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health , funds the population-based MESA study. The original MESA study began in 2000, and recruited subjects for the study of cardiovascular disease in six states – New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois, and California.


About our study

In the News: MESA Air is highlighted at the EPA's 40th Anniversary Seminar Series! As a part of EPA's celebration of 40 years of milestones, Joel Kaufman was invited to speak about the MESA Air Study. Watch it here.

Dr. Joel Kaufman discusses Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease. An Update to the Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association with Herb Weisbaum on KOMO News and is featured on a report by KING 5 News

Air pollution grant
Our Department has received a $30 million grant to study the connection between air pollution and cardiovascular disease. The grant is the largest ever awarded by the EPA for scientific research. Dr. Joel Kaufman is the principal investigator. Read articles in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer , the Seattle Times and on Komo News.

 Fourteen different institutions contribute to the research effort, including: Columbia University; Johns Hopkins University; Northwestern University; University of California, Los Angeles; University of Michigan; University of Minnesota; University of Southern California; and Wake Forest University. This network of researchers across the country combine their knowledge and specific expertise to improve our understanding of how lifestyle, genetics, and environmental factors like air pollution contribute to the slow growth of cardiovascular disease in adults.

The MESA Air Pollution Study Brochure, EPA 2006

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