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     Key Investigators
University of Washington

  Joel Kaufman   MESA AIR Primary Investigator   DEOHS  
  Cynthia Curl   UW MESA AIR Project Manager   DEOHS  
  Sara Dubowsky Adar   Investigator   DEOHS  
  Richard Kronmal   Investigator   MESA AIR Coordinating Center  
  Karen Hinckley   Coordinating Center Project Director   MESA AIR Coordinating Center  
  Lianne Sheppard   Investigator   Biostatistics & DEOHS  
  Timothy Larson   Investigator   Civil & Environmental Engineering  
  David Siscovick   Investigator   Medicine & Epidemiology  
  Thomas Lumley   Investigator   Biostatistics  
  Paul Sampson   Investigator   Statistics  
  Noah Seixas   Investigator   DEOHS  
  Yinhai Wang   Investigator   Civil & Environmental Engineering  
  Timothy Nyerges   Investigator   Geography  
  Sverre Vedal   Investigator   DEOHS  

     Field Centers
  Los Angeles  
  USC - Ed Avol   PI Field Center      
  Northwestern University  
  Martha Daviglus   PI Field Center      
  Kiang Liu   Field Center      
  University of Minnesota  
  David Jacobs   PI Field Center      
  Aaron Folsom   Field Center      
  Wake Forest University  
  Gregory Burke   PI Field Center      
  John Hopkins University  
  Ana Navas-Acien   PI Field Center      
  Columbia University  
  Graham Barr  
PI Field Center

     Affiliated Institutions
  University of Vermont
  Russell Tracy   Primary Investigator   Blood Lab  
  Mary Cushman   Primary Investigator   Blood Lab  
  University of Michigan  
  Ana Diez Roux   PI Collaborator   MESA Air Center  

Harbor UCLA Medical Insitute

  Matthew Budoff       Computed Tomography Reading Center  

University of Wisconsin-Madison

  James H. Stein, M.D.       Ultrasound Reading Center  


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