Board Members


Amir Anissipour
Program Integration
Flight & Systems Technologies
Boeing Research & Technology

Cathy Slater
Vice President
Oriented Strand Board Business

Justin Saint Clair
Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation

Zahbea Saund
Project Manager

Alix Hughes
Diversity Program Leader

Dana Riley Black, Ph.D.
Institute for Systems Biology

Jeff Estes, Ph.D.
Division Director
Science and Engineering Education
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Barron Willis
Ivytown EP/EX PDT Lead
Intel Architecture Development Group
Intel Corporation

Academia – Higher Education

Judd Case, Ph.D.
College of Science, Health & Engineering
Eastern Washington University

Julia K. Parrish, Ph.D.
Associate Dean,
Academic Affairs and Diversity
College of Engineering
University of Washington – Seattle

Bob G. Olsen, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
College of Engineering and Architecture
College of the Environment
University of Washington

Matthew Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dean of Natural Sciences
Pacific Lutheran University

John Lederer, Ed.D. – Chair
Director of Strategic Planning & Research
Seattle Community Colleges

Sheila Edwards‐Lange, Ph.D.
Vice President
Minority Affairs and Diversity
University of Washington

Renny Christopher, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor
Washington State University – Vancouver

Kazuhiro Sonoda, Ph.D.
Dean, Arts and Sciences
Heritage University

Danny Talbot, Ph.D.
Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer
Washington State University – Tri-cities

Judy Zeiger
Director of Student Affairs
Washington State University – Spokane

Other Organizations & Individuals

Chris Coffman
Technology Community

Patricia MacGowan
Former Executive Director Washington MESA

James Dorsey
Executive Director
Washington MESA


John Pope
Program Supervisor
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)


Non-Board Committee Members

Michelle Andreas
Associate Director of Educational Services
WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC)

Tyson A. Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Chemistry
Heritage University