Wash­ing­ton MESA Days are here!!

This is a time when MESA part­ners and sup­port­ers join to encour­age our K-12 stu­dents in their engi­neer­ing designs wind energy com­pe­ti­tion. The stu­dents com­pete with cor­re­spond­ing research in wind­mill designs for sus­tain­able energy production.

New Science Standards Framework

I would like to hear from teach­ers about their think­ing regard­ing the Con­cep­tual Frame­work for the New K-12 Sci­ence stan­dards. The draft frame­work iden­ti­fies the key sci­en­tific ideas and prac­tices all stu­dents should learn by the end of high school. Fol­low the link below to read more: