From the Director

James Dorsey photo

James Dorsey,
Executive Director

Welcome to the Washington MESA Website. After 25 years as the premier K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) enrichment program in the state of Washington, my arrival in the winter of 2008 marked a change in leadership, but always with the same dedication and commitment to excellence. It is an honor to work with such dedicated staff, industry members, educators, parents, alumni and elders.

It is my vision to build upon the well established program foundation by promoting the standardized delivery of research supported and proven successful services to students, teachers and families. Core to the program’s evolution is the development and delivery of our STEM enrichment curriculum that is both challenge-based, and in concert with Washington’s math and science standards.

Even during this tough fiscal climate, MESA must promote partnership that will facilitate deeper engagement and services for more students, communities, teachers and schools. The establishment of the MESA Community College division is our initial step in expanding the MESA pathway model by serving our students at the undergraduate segment of the educational pathway.

The vision is simple: We will establish and strengthen STEM pathways that serve underrepresented students, those most impacted by the state’s achievement gap, with rigorous math and science enrichment and academic support, teacher and professional development, scholarship and internship opportunities, culturally relevant curriculum, and student opportunities, in an effort to support the student all along the K-20 continuum.

In the immediate future, we will focus our efforts on the following:

  • Standardizing MESA’s STEM enrichment curriculum and activities
  • Deepening and broaden the MESA’s College Readiness Initiative, promoting 4-years of math/science for all MESA students
  • Promoting, funding, replicating and sustaining proven successful efforts delivered regionally; such as Seattle’s 9th Grade Bridge, Tacoma’s Parent Engagement and Spokane’s College Readiness Initiative.
  • Building the First Nations division with STEM rigor and cultural relevance
  • Expanding the career and educational opportunities for Washington’s youth.
  • I’m encouraged by the broad-base of community partners committed to the MESA mission including parents, industry, schools, universities, community colleges and state policy leaders. We will continue to work together in an effort to better prepare students for institutions of higher education, and rewarding STEM careers. We strive to expose, prepare and educate Washington’s leaders of tomorrow.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to reach and serve the communities, schools, families and students throughout Washington.

James Dorsey