Summer Math Scholars

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Summer Math Scholars program sites;
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Funded by Washington STEM, the MESA Summer Math Scholars (SMS) program was designed to ensure that students start high school prepared to succeed in college-prep math courses at the ninth grade level, or above. Each class of 20-25 students is team-taught by two instructors. A MESA ninth grade math teacher is assisted by a new or pre-service teacher, with high school or college tutors (MESA alumni preferably), serving as peer role models/mentors.

At the core of the program are collaborative, math problem solving challenges focused on the skills needed for success in grade-level-or-above math courses. Students are guided to take responsibility for their own learning in a supportive atmosphere, experiencing math in a new way by making real world connections and having fun, collaborative experiences.

Students work in teams, approaching project based learning in an interdisciplinary way. Not only is there an academic benefit to this methodology, but this is also the earliest of professional development for these potential young engineers and scientists. Rigor and relevance, tools of MESA’s success, engage and retain the interest of program participants.

To learn more about the Summer Math Scholars please contact the SMS Program Manager, Lucy Casale, at