MESA community college students in Haiti

Fairfield, CA When Anh Nguyen first saw the school in Cherette, Haiti, it was raining. He said there were leaks everywhere. Matthew Pinkerton-Lloyd said there were huge “cheese holes,” where rust corroded the roof on the approximately 800-square-foot school that served about 400 students. The bathroom? No roof, no doors.

But the students still came to learn. That’s what struck many of the Solano Community College students who embarked on a lengthy project to build a new six-room school in connection with a Vallejo nonprofit, Water & Education International. “I was taken aback with how dedicated they were to going to school,” Pinkerton-Lloyd said. “If that was out here, (kids would say,) ‘No, that’s ghetto, I’m not going.’ ” Nguyen said students came from miles away to attend the ramshackle, leaky school in the small village located in the southwestern part of Haiti.

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