Washington State MESA Day 2012

05/15/2012: New Press Release (includes details of participating schools)
MESA Day 2012, May 19, Redmond, WA - competition, learning, leadership

Hosted by Microsoft at the Redmond Conference Center on May 19, 2012 Washington MESA Day represents a one-day event of excitement and academic challenges for Middle and High School MESA students from MESA Centers across the state of Washington.With their teachers, parents, center coordinators, and Directors regional winners participate in challenges in mathematics, design engineering, and scientific research presentations.

Students compete for prizes and awards which allows them to develop valuable academic and social skills as they participate in hands-on learning, team management, communication, and leadership in both oral and written Challenges. The winner of the challenge will go on to compete in the national competition in June.

Fostering collaboration with Washington State’s rich community of scientists and engineers, MESA students will showcase their talents for future careers in STEM fields. For example, in the Wind Energy Challenge (WEC) students will compete with a technical paper, oral and poster presentation. The winner of the WEC will go on to compete in the National MESA Challenge hosted by Boeing at the Renton Planton June 22-25, 2012.

WA MESA Day is open to the public, although only MESA middle and high schools students are eligible to participate and compete.

WA MESA DAY 2012 is on May 19, in Redmond, WA. To volunteer at this event please contact MESA Curriculum Director Dr. Phyllis Harvey-Buschel at pgharvey@uw.edu.