MESA USA Nationals 2014

Oregon MESA hosted the MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition June 19-22 2014. The event was a huge success with the best of the best from each MESA state competing at the national level. Overall, MESA started off with 49,000 middle and high school students ending up with only 72 and 3 National Champion Winners from each level, Middle and High School. The event was a huge success with many guest speakers including Nate Ball the TV host, author, mechanical engineer, and entrepreneur who became insatiably hooked on science and engineering at an early age.

Below are the 6 National Winners as well as photographs from the event:

National Champions

High School:
1. California – A.A. Stagg
2. Pennsylvania – George Washington High School of Engineering & Science
3. Maryland – Henry E. Lackey

Middle School:
1. California – Mendota Jr. High
2. Washington – Jason Lee
3. Utah – Granite Park

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