Washington MESA Mission:

young boy looks up from his project on the floor…to provide enriching opportunities in mathematics, engineering and science for underrepresented students in grades K-14 using exemplary materials and instructional approaches.

We will be a catalyst and model for educational excellence and equity. We will accomplish this through a partnership of higher education, school districts, industry and business, government, community organizations, families, and alumni.

MESA’s efforts are directed toward Washington K-14 students. Through MESA’s activities, participating students receive educational enrichment experiences and practical help needed to prepare for university-level studies in a variety of science and technology related fields.

Washington MESA programs address the need as stated by the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME):

“Effective precollege minority engineering programs enrich the student and community by intervening in the cycle of minority isolation, low self esteem, low teacher expectations and poor academic performance. They counter the underdevelopment of minority students with strategies designed to break down the obstacles to achievement in scientific and technological fields.”